Highland Park Baptist Church

Missionary Prayer Requests


*Ellen Groh (retired in FL) recently had some procedures requiring hospitalization to help with a circulation problem.  Stents were put into her right and left legs which should help in her circulation and hopefully avoid other infections.  Send her a card at her new home:  Riverfront Nursing & Rehab Center, 105 – 15th St.


*  Tim & Martha Matzke  (Wycliffe in Solomon Islands) are wearing 4 hats at once in addition to their jobs in Literacy (Tim) and Communications (Martha) - they are also serving as directors of their group.  At the moment, they do not have an Operations Manager to handle the day to day tasks of keeping their group going.  Please pray fo


*J. & M.


*Dwight & Barbara Slater (retired, in apt. #2) ask for prayer for Barbara who came home (apt. 2) from a hospital stay last week.  Send her a note of encouragement and put in apt. 2 mail slot in pastors’ hallway.  


*Scott & Lorna Muha (TEAM in Spain) ask for prayer for Lorna who came through surgery well on Monday.  The pathology report has not ‘officially’ come in yet, but initial findings are that the cancer cells were contained and not spread.  The reconstruction surgery was postponed for several mon


*S. E. (Asia) asks for prayer for her mom in the U.S.


*Andy & Holly Rist (SEND in Ukraine) ask for prayer for the tense situation in Ukraine.  They are safe and live away from the areas of protests and demonstrations.  Last week started with peaceful protests, brought on by President Yanukovich’s refusal to sign an agreement with the European Union and instead choosing to align himself with Russia.&nbsp


*There will be a memorial service here for Ron Baker, missionary with CAM Int’l.


*J. & C. K. and S. E. (Philippines) are safe in the wake of the Typhoon Haiyan.  They report:  ‘Thank you for praying for our work in the Philippines.  The typhoon Haiyan passed by north of our location in Mindanao on the 8th. We are fine, but many in the path of the typhoon are struggling to cope.


*Pray for Ron & Marcia Baker (retired in TX) Ron Baker continues in critical condition after a heart attack last week in Dallas.  He had another heart cath late yesterday afternoon which showed no new heart attacks.  He is not improving and they don't know why.