Highland Park Baptist Church

Missionary Prayer Requests


*Joshua Javery (SEND in Poland) asks for prayer that he will be able to get “registered” in his flat with proper paperwork soon.  He needs to leave a legitimate paper trail which will help him in a year when he needs to renew his Visa.  He has been placed in what he thinks is an appropriate placement for language class, but asks for prayer as he struggle


*Pray for J.B. (Interaction Int’l.


*Pray for Jeff & Mary Baldwin (GEM in Greece) as Greece is experiencing massive strikes due to parliament attempting more austerity measures in dealing with their financial woes.  The country seems to be at a standstill in many ways.  Jeff recently read an article indicating that 90% of analysts predict that Greece will go bankrupt before March.


*Pray for the SALT India Women’s Team as they leave Friday and the Men’s Team as they return on Sunday.


*Pray for the SALT India Men’s Team as they leave Friday for India.  Pray that each team member will guard his walk with Christ and have a servant’s heart.  Pray that the pastors in India would be refreshed and strengthened during the conference, and that Christ would be glorified as He grows His church around the world.


*Pray for Andy & Holly Rist (home assignment w/SEND from Ukraine).  Abigail’s recovery from ear surgery had not healed as much as the Dr.


*  Scott & Leslie Powell (SEND - in NJ) request prayer for Scott's continued adjustment to his vision following the surgical procedure that has better aligned his right eye.  Please pray for preparation for a leadership training event for those leading teams in SEND's work in Asia.  The Equipping Seminar will be convened in Taiwan October 17-21


*The Uganda Short-term Missions Team returned safely last Saturday and report that the clinic in Kampala saw over 2,000 patients the first week of their trip.  Continue to pray for Connie Jarlsberg and Inell Slater as they work this week on partnering with the church for an ongoing minist


*Continue to pray for the Uganda Short-term Missions Team as they continue to minister this week and return home on Saturday.  They are in western Uganda where some of the team will train pastors and their wives at 2 different pastors’ conferences.  Ask the Lord to give them safety, keep the team healthy, and to use them to build His church.


*Pray for the Hungary Short-term Missions Team as they minister this week to the T.E.A.M.