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Short Term Teams

Short Term Trips for 2015

The short term ministry team is in the process of finalizing trips for 2015. Expected trips are:


JAARS - Waxhaw, NC
May 16-23
Cost: $600

JAARS is the US Operational and logistics support center for Wycliffe Bible Translators. This team will participate in various work projects that are needed throughout the JAARS facility. Skilled and unskilled laborers are welcome!


August 4-6
Cost: $100

This team will come alongside Joe & Jeannie Ciluffo, our missionaries to the Hispanic community in Pontiac, to serve during their 8th annual kids camp. Needs include service through crafts, games, worship, Bible study, counseling, and encouragement. Jr. High on up are welcome!


August 27 - September 12
Cost: $2800

A unique opportunity for medical personnel such as doctors, dentists, and nurses to work in free medical clinics in Kampala and western Uganda. The team will work alongside Ugandan Medical personnel, believers, and our missionary, Connie Jarlsberg, in caring for those in need. Up to two non-medical people can also participate to help with logistics at these clinics.


For more information please contact Loosha Simmons at lsimmons@highlandparkbaptist.com or 248-357-5464.