Highland Park Baptist Church


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The Next Chapter

Progress Report
Updated - August 1, 2015

Current Status

Total Pledged for 2013-2016: $4,365,463

Total Received to date: $2,770,348

Please check back periodically, as these numbers will be adjusted on a regular basis.

Project Update

Work is completed for the outside phase of the project.

The outside phase of the Next Chapter included:

1) A new monument sign with video display at the corner of 12 Mile & Lahser Road.
2) New signs at all church / school entrances.
3) Updated Lahser Road landscaping
4) HPBC & SCS signage on front of the Worship Center and Chapel buildings.
5) Building Trim enhancements to update the exterior of Worship Center and Chapel.
6) All underbrush and unwanted/unhealthy trees were removed to provide much greater visibility to our campus from the 12 Mile & Lahser Road intersection.  A 100-foot buffer of natural area was left on the east side of the North property along the drive to the 12 mile entrance and new evergreen trees will be planted along that driveway as well.

The second phase of the project will be the complete renovation of the worship center which is planned to begin in the Spring of 2016. The design team is currently developing detailed architectural and engineering plans in anticipation of bid packages going out in the fall of 2015.

The Vision

For 100 years, Highland Park Baptist Church has been a place of Christ-centered worship, Biblical equipping, local evangelism, and global outreach for many throughout the Southfield area and beyond. Our commitment to Christ and His work both here and around the world has motivated us to accomplish much for the kingdom work of God throughout our first century.

We believe God’s call on us has intensified, and to that end the leadership of the church has focused effort, energy and prayer on resourcing the ministries to allow them to be powerful and effective. We believe that it is time to reinvest in the place we worship and call home.

We are so grateful to God for the ways He has used our church over the years. In some ways, we are very different than decades ago. In other ways, we are the same – we still hold to the truth of Scripture and the urgency of sharing the gospel with our neighbors, friends, family, and the world.

As stewards of what God has given us, we feel it is time to make necessary renovations. Even still, we will continue to keep buildings in their place – as a tool God has given us for His work. The anticipated improvement to the worship center, foyer, café and fellowship hall area will help to create even better spaces for effective ministry to happen. Beautiful buildings are not the end – they are the means.

Additionally, we envision that a newly redesigned Lahser Road landscape, updated entrances, and new signage at all entrances and on the corner will significantly improve our community presence. This will provide us with a refreshed, more visible, and easily identifiable church/school property at this strategic location.

Our aim is to bring attention to God’s great glory and support the many ways our congregation worships Jesus Christ our Savior in this community.

The Resources

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