Highland Park Baptist Church


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*  Uche & Marianne Aaron  (The Seed Company in Nigeria)  are praising God that at the Obolo Bible Dedication Committee meeting on February 20th, it was decided that the dedication of the Obolo Bible will be on Saturday, May 24, 2014.  The Entertainment Sub-Committee is preparing to host a large number of guests during this ceremony.  Arrangements are being made for every aspect of the occasion, including security.  They are so glad that Dave & Julie Kuntzman will be a part of this great guest celebration.  Though the internet access is not always very good, they thank God, very much, for it.  In the remaining over 300 languages, Nigeria has the third highest language density in the world and therefore the third highest translation need.  Uche went to Jos to take part in the Translation Consultant Training Workshop.  Training translator consultants is very crucial.  Marianne is processing the recorded material of the second group.  Two days before Uche returned from Jos, he was rushed to the hospital with an accute gastro-intestinal problem.  He spent one night in the hospital, was discharged but still is not fully recovered from the after effects which was complicated by malaria.  After the dedication, Uche will be going back to Jos to participate in the Old Testament Workshop on the book of Daniel.  Please pray for the teams that will be participating and the stress it can cause.

 *  Roy and Delthea Anderson (retired in AZ) are thankful for the trip to Bacolod, Philippines where they saw two sessions with church planters with over 100 in attendance.  They insisted that Roy translate the notes of the seminars into English, but all of his studies are in Spanish.  May 10th was the graduation at Indian Bible College in Flagstaff, AZ.  This is Roy's last term as Board Chairman of the College.  They are thankful to the Lord for continued good health.

 *  A. & M. H. *(AIM in MI) are requesting prayer for A.'s health as it seems that the only weight he is losing is muscle mass which is weakening his legs, hips and back to the point that his walking is unstable.  Pray for personal finances as they are at an all time low for their percentage of support raised.  Please pray that God will keep them focused, that He will guide them to SINCERE seekers and protect them from those who are  INSINCERE and wish to distract them.  Pray for strength and stamina to continue the work.  They need prayer for their school presence.  All of his students want him to continue through the summer even though there is no school.  They are now planning four outings this summer.  Pray for a meeting he had last week with 3 men from the refugee center.  They agreed to have a meeting in the complex to see the needs of the people there and how they may be able to help.

 *  Tim & Martha Matzke (Wycliffe in Solomon Islands) are praising God for the Kwaio New Testament.  Pray for the multi-lingual education program and the work that needs to be done.  They are short staffed in their office, please pray that they can find help to get them through the rest of the year.  In Mid June, they will be meeting up with Sarah in Australia before flying to Dallas for Director Orientation.  Pray for Sarah as she makes decisions about college and choice of a major.  Please pray for Emily who is working hard to save money to be able to go back to school.

 *  J. & M. R. (Netherlands) are requesting prayer for healing, God willing, for Shula.  She is now experiencing sharp rheumatism like pains.  M. awakened with so much lung congestion that they feared pneumonia, but she is now using an inhaler for an apparent viral infection.  Pray for their trip to the States as well as safety during their 2,000+ miles of driving (after not having been behind the wheel for a year)  Look out!

 *  Pray for Shelby Tryon (short-termer with CRU) as she is nearing the end of a season of making decisions about next year. She is also requesting prayer for her family.  May 26th will mark one year since the death of her mom and just a few days later, her family will be moving from Florida to Michigan and she will be heading back to Michigan for the summer as well.  Pray for strength, peace and understanding in what is sure to be an emotional time.

 *  B. B. (Africa) is praising God for a successful completion of her 2nd two year term.  Her biggest highlight was starting the house church with S. the one Kon believer in their town.  They met most Sunday nights for over a year and he plans to continue with her teammates in her absence.  Pray for S. while she is gone on Home Assignment and pray for her adjustments back to the USA., as she and her boyfriend meet each other's families' supporting churches.