Highland Park Baptist Church


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*Pray for Marc & Kim St. Angelo (CRU in FL) as they travel to MI June 14 - July 8 to visit family, friends and ministry partners.  Pray for balance and energy as Kim will continue schooling the kids through the summer and also train a new staff member who has been assigned to her.  They are so thankful for God's blessing in their new home—able to host 2 EOY school celebrations and 3 end-of-season soccer parties.  Pray for stamina as they continue to repair and update their new home.  Their hearts desire has been to be able to host Bible studies for the youth, school functions or soccer events....now they can!

*Kevin Cochrane (SEND in Japan) asks for prayer as he helps out with the June 11-28 Hi-BA Gospel team.  This is a 2 week evangelistic blitz where tracts are passed out, kids are invited to the Hi-BA clubs and camps, and rallies are held—one of the biggest events Hi-BA does every year.  Pray for open hearts toward the Gospel.  Kevin finishes his language term June 20.  Please continue praying for his language learning.

*Dave & Lynn West (ABWE in MI) will be departing for East Asia June 18 to make contact with former students that were at HPBC and now have returned home.  They hope to connect with pastors that can disciple these students, as well as meet new students coming to the USA in August.  Pray for Dave’s health and breathing problems on this trip.

*T. J. (Middle East) asks for prayer for safe travels the end of June and first week of July as everyone travels home.  Pray for wisdom as T makes summer plans.  She is in the application process for a graduate program.  Pray for new teammates coming in the fall and that all the positions would be filled.  Pray for good connections and networking to allow for better community outreach next year.  Pray about acquiring a car – a door may be opened this next week.  Look for her in the next month at HPBC.

*Pray for Connie Jarlsberg (WorldVenture in Uganda) as another semester draws to a close.  In addition to teaching, she has also been supervising nursing research.  Connie was asked to teach HIV/AIDS Counseling and Evangelism and Discipleship at Kampala Evangelical School of Theology, and enlisted the aid of an HIV/AIDS counselor and a retired president of the Nairobi Int'l School of Theology to help.  Four people put their faith in Christ when the evangelism students went out to "practice."  Pray for the pilot project with the British Charity VIVA network.  She is teaching Peer Health Educators in this in order to improve maternal and child health indicators in two of Kampala's slums.  The peer educators are from churches in the focus area.  Pray for Connie as she works on details for the free health clinic in Sept. – where HPBC will be sending a team.

*J. & C. K. (Asia) are thankful for the HPBC team who came along side in community and on campus to share their lives and God's story in April.  In mid-June they will have 4 college interns join them on campus and do community health work.  Pray that they will catch a passion for the least reached.  Pray for C's mom, Norma Jean, who is in the hospital with renal failure.  C. just arrived last week to spend several weeks to help with her care.

Don’t forget to sign up for the June 22nd potluck “Lunch With the Rists” on Sunday at the missions’ table—seating is limited!