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*T. & L. S. (Central Asia) are thankful for answered prayer for a renewed passport and visa for son.  Two weeks ago they were in the middle of a bureaucratic run-around – going from the Immigration Police to US Embassy to city/county offices to acquire a visa before the family was to leave for Home Assignment.  Thankfully last night, T. was handed the passport with a 2 mo. double entry visa! 

*Rick & Karen Smith (former SIM missionaries in Burkina Faso, currently working in the Lansing area) recently sent a report on graduating students from the Good Shepherd Bible School and how these students have been adjusting to their ministry assignments.  Pray that these graduates will be faithful and fruitful where the Lord has placed them.  Pray that new students will be diligent and grow in knowledge of the Word, skill in ministry, and love for the Lord.  Pray also for the pastors to live among them and teach the classes, that they will be examples that inspire the students to godliness.  There are now 12 trained Fulani couples in Burkina serving a scattered body of about 1,000 Fulani believers.  Pray for funding and scholarships to come in to aid in students’ schooling.  There is currently a shortfall.  If you are interested in helping or following the progress of these students, contact the Smiths at Richard.smith@sim.org

*Pray for Adam & Bethel Gascho (GEM in Germany) who have decided to let son, Jacob, (16 this mo.) stay with Bethel’s sister in the U.S. and finish high school here.  Pray for the family in this transition as they bring him to IL this summer.  Pray for Adam & Bethel as they seek the Lord’s leading for a church home in Cologne.  Their small home has been the place for church gatherings, and they need to be sensitive to their children’s needs as they listen to His voice.  Pray for their team as they prepare for summer teams this month—doing outreach across the city – World Cup Soccer, children’s ministry, street evangelism, English conversation and sports ministry.

*Evan & Carrie Parks (SEND in Hungary) ask for prayer as the family travels this summer to northern MI to visit Evan’s family.  Pray that their home in Hungary will be safe and taken care of well by the person they have arranged to be in the home.  Pray for good visits with family (3 yrs. since last visit), friends and supporting churches in northern MI.  Pray for wisdom and guidance as Kelly starts looking for colleges this summer.  Pray for ongoing development of online teaching material that will be used to train pastors, church leaders and missionaries in how to care for and help others through personal counseling.  There are many challenges as this material is being developed.  Pray for Evan as he consults with missionaries, mission teams and church leaders as they face personal struggles, trauma and conflict.  Pray for insight and wisdom. 

*Pray for Brian & Megan Meyers (WorldVenture in Mozambique).  Pray for Megan as she is back from Fuller Seminary (CA) and continues work on intensive courses this summer in Detroit.  Pray for Brian as he travels with the 4 girls tomorrowto join Megan for the summer here.

*Dave & Lynn West (ABWE in MI) will be departing for East Asia June 18 to make contact with former students that were at HPBC and now have returned home.  They hope to connect with pastors that can disciple these students, as well as meet new students coming to the USA in August.  Pray for Dave’s health and breathing problems on this trip. 

*Mark & Marie Tabar (East Asia) are thankful that Abbie’s blood work came out normal and her throat problem is doing much better.  They are thankful that the lice are gone for the kids, but they are still fighting ringworm, as the available local meds don’t work very well.  Pray for their language learning, for the national people they meet with, and for the name of Jesus to be proclaimed.  Pray that the little church they attend would be given vision for church planting and expanding the Kingdom in their country.  Pray for a hurdle of a new visa and paperwork that was lost in the capital city.  Pray as they look for housing with a yard to move into in the next few months, as the kids have no place to play.  Pray for wise parenting and for love to reign between all 7 siblings.  With the country under military control, pray for wisdom as the military chooses a temporary Prime Minister, and for decisions that will be made that may affect the ministry of Christians there.

Don’t forget to sign up for the June 22nd potluck “Lunch With the Rists” on Sunday at the missions’ table—seating is limited!