Highland Park Baptist Church


Chapter 2: Covenant

Series Dates: 
July 14, 2013 - August 4, 2013

God reveals Himself to be the God of Covenants. These covenants are always initiated and dictated by Him. He is also the only One who can fulfill them. The covenants provide us with hope that enables us to live by faith. Covenants play a central role in God's plan and interaction with mankind. Understanding God as the Covenantal God is essential to growing in faith.

Sermons in this Series
Title Date Description
Abraham & The Covenantal God July 14, 2013 Brent Slater Preaching
Issac: The Sacrifice of Love July 21, 2013 Brent Slater Preaching
Jacob: Sovereign Grace July 28, 2013 Brent Slater Preaching
God’s Sovereignty and Joseph’s Surrender August 4, 2013 Brent Slater Preaching