Highland Park Baptist Church


War and Peace

Series Dates: 
June 17, 2012 - July 29, 2012

As Jesus prepares His disciples for His departure, he sends them on a mission. As Jesus leaves, the world's opposition to Him will turn towards them. They will be Jesus's witnesses and will be hated as He is hated, but the Holy Spirit will be with them. He will infiltrate hardened hearts and minds, convicting sinners of their need for the Savior, and guiding the disciples into all truth. Jesus will give them great joy, power, and peace in His name, for He has overcome the world.

Sermons in this Series
Title Date Description
Hated Like Jesus June 17, 2012 Brent Slater Preaching
Fearless June 24, 2012 Gordon Ainsworth Preaching
Infiltration July 1, 2012 Brent Slater Preaching
The Mission July 8, 2012 Brent Slater Preaching
Take Heart July 15, 2012 Brent Slater Preaching
The Victor July 29, 2012 Brent Slater Preaching