Highland Park Baptist Church

Missionary Prayer Requests


*  Scott & Leslie Powell (SEND - in NJ) request prayer for Scott's continued adjustment to his vision following the surgical procedure that has better aligned his right eye.  Please pray for preparation for a leadership training event for those leading teams in SEND's work in Asia.  The Equipping Seminar will be convened in Taiwan October 17-21


*The Uganda Short-term Missions Team returned safely last Saturday and report that the clinic in Kampala saw over 2,000 patients the first week of their trip.  Continue to pray for Connie Jarlsberg and Inell Slater as they work this week on partnering with the church for an ongoing minist


*Continue to pray for the Uganda Short-term Missions Team as they continue to minister this week and return home on Saturday.  They are in western Uganda where some of the team will train pastors and their wives at 2 different pastors’ conferences.  Ask the Lord to give them safety, keep the team healthy, and to use them to build His church.


*Pray for the Hungary Short-term Missions Team as they minister this week to the T.E.A.M.


*Pray for the Budapest, Hungary Short-term Missions Team leaving tomorrow for two weeks of ministry to 61 missionary children at the T.E.A.M. European Conference there.


*Pray for Tiffany Johnson (short-term in Africa)as she is in the last half of her time overseas teaching English before returning home to MI and finishing her college studies this fall at Moody.  Her classes are going well and students are beginning to ask questions.  Pray for open doors to visit students in their homes.  Her team just


*Pray for Dave & Julie Kuntzman (affiliates leaving Egypt) as they just returned from their 2 yr.


*Congratulations to Phil & Julie Parshall, retired from SIM, who are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary June 4th!!  Email them at:  phil.parshall@sim.org or send a card to 916 Summit Walk Dr., Apt. 103, Charlotte, NC 28270.


Andy & Holly Rist (SEND in Ukraine) ask for prayer for Kyiv Theological Seminary which is facing a significant financial crisis and will soon run out of operational funds.  Pray for summer ministry plans as they look forward to working with a team from Woodside Bible Church June 25-July 3.  The team will be working with Kyiv Seminary graduate, Igor Fedorv


Jenni Sternberg (GCM in TX) asks for prayer as she and fiancé, Ade, plan their wedding.  Pray that his USA Visa process will move forward.  Jenni was thrilled to spend 5 months in Nigeria helping in an orphanage and becoming “Aunty” to 21 boys.  Assisting the HELP West Africa Care Center through difficult transitions to new leadership helped